Tierra del Fuego


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Space Cadet
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Space Cadet The best of Chile, briefly: the Andes, the wine, Demonauta.
Look out! This album can fuzz your brain out and replace it by desert sand and stardust. Favorite track: Cosmos.
Space Mastodon
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Space Mastodon I simply just love this record. Listening to this takes me far far out into space. Favorite track: Del Vendaval.
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Teasy Superb fuzzy stoner rock from south america - as dry as a fart in the desert wind. This is for the Kyussians out there! Favorite track: Sahara Trip.
Jacco de Boer
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Jacco de Boer The Fuzz is strong in this one. One of the best of the year.
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Sonny92 Demonauta are currently one of my favourite stoner rock outfits and this is a tight, energetic fuzz-fest. I mean, they REALLY bring the fuzz on many of their songs, particularly the faster, ass-kicking numbers like opener Into the Darkness and Astro II. They are also capable of slowing the tempo down, though, to equal effect (although that fuzzbox overdrive pedal is never too far away). Favorite track: Astro II.
Niels P. Bartholdy
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Niels P. Bartholdy Oh man, this came out of nowhere from the high plains of the Andes and straight to the heart of any stoner rock listener.This album is a sheer tour de force in fuzz-ridden bass-heavy desert stoner rock. All previous fans of this highly esteemed Santiago based band is sure to be pleased by this new outing as it surpasses anything they have done so far. So jump on the lama and get moving to this shiny pearl of an album. Favorite track: Venas de la Tierra.
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Todos los arreglos por Demonauta.

DMA are:

D: Left fuzz/vocal
M: Right fuzz
A: ST Drums

Recorded and Mixed by David Veliz at Planetario Fuzz Recs
Artwork by Alfi Andy


released June 27, 2016



all rights reserved


DEMONAUTA Santiago, Chile

Oficializada en 2010 con David Véliz Guit/Voz, Miguel Quezada Bajo y Ale Sanhueza en Batería, pero con formaciones anteriores desde 2007. El año 2011 lanzan su primer disco llamado "Vol 1", el 2012 el LP "Caminando en la Luna" continuan con "Woodsatco 2014" un disco en vivo y en 2016 "Tierra del Fuego" un LP doble.
sello Kozmik Artifacts.
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Track Name: Into the Darkness
Hoo never see light again
a pair of seasons, into the darkness.

Hooo I'll never sleeping again
i will go insane, into the darkness

Hoo the night takes my hand
twisting my brain, im into the darkness

blood on my mouth and hands
in the woods suffering, into the darkness

(into the darkness, im into the darkness)

Another way, i have no chance
forget my name, testing my mind
into the darknes.
I like this hell, i have no chance
the light of moon seed of my troubles
into the darknes.

Hoo never see light again
a pair of seasons, into the darkness
blood on my mouth and hands
in the woods dying, into the darkness

Never see ligth again
Track Name: Del Vendaval
No somos mas que prisiones
somos almas en trampas de piel
somos recuerdos sudor y sangre.

Con barrotes de miedos para destruir
y la muerte en ceniza nos va a convertir
lejos del espíritu esta tu hundida vanidad.

No somos mas que ilusiones
nunca podremos ser realidad
siempre fingimos y solo herimos.

Toda una vida para aprender
y la muerte en ceniza nos va a convertir
nos hundimos en nuestro miedo.

No existe el tiempo!
Track Name: Astro II
Astro II:

Down into space goes earth,
Running to death when we were young.

Hey, same old fear, down like, sand of desert
hidden holes, you can not see them
the sun blind and the moon takes our souls

Hey, blood is here, flow now, in this river
the blind star, have no fear
the sunshine die and thats the way it goes...
Track Name: Venas de la Tierra
La Luna es caspi
en ti la vas a ver, reflejarse.

Y cuando caiga el sol la puedes tener
en donde naces y donde el mar este
cuando despiertes y tus ecos estén
bramando a la tormenta otra vez...

Son las venas de la tierra,
hay almas que son de aquí,
vienen del vendaval, te acarician a ti
el canto ancestral, te pide vivir
el viento te puede llevar, muy lejos de aquí.